Applied Superconductivity

Dr Muhammad Haseeb Iftikhar

PhD Research Student


My name is Muhammad Haseeb Iftikhar, PGR at University of Strathclyde, I did my Masters in Energy and Power Conversion Engineering at University of Science and technology South Korea. During my Masters I worked on control and design of electric propulsion motors at Korea Electrotechnology Research Institute (KERI). 

In Strathclyde I am working on HTS flux pumps, this device has a potential to be considered as one of the critical building block towards fully superconducting machine for high power electric propulsion systems. Flux pumps are a means of energizing closed superconducting magnets without direct electrical contact. We propose and test a novel methodology to magnetizing HTS rings using transformer–rectifier HTS flux pump.

A simulation model is built based on electrical circuit to demonstrate the working principle of HTS flux pump and presents factors which plays key role in charging of HTS rings. Later this modeling results were tested experimentally in Lab. The results obtained from both modeling and experimental studies shows that the proposed methodology holds water. The proposed magnetizing technique for HTS rings will have promising applications in medical devices as well as fully superconducting electrical machines.


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