Applied Superconductivity
  • Cryogenic Propulsion for Zero Emission Aviation

    We focus on developing cryogenic propulsion powertrain for zero emission aviation, using high temperature superconductors to improve the overall power density and efficiency of the powertrain.

    We perform both component level studies and system level studies, using both experimental and numerical methodologies. We have developed 10 kW prototype superconducting motors and cryogenic drives.

    Testing platforms to characterize transistors at cryogenic temperatures have been developed to enable double pulse, paralleling, forward and breakdown voltage tests.
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  • Power System Application

    We have been studying various superconducting devices for power system applications. These include:

    1. Using superconducting magnetic energy storage systems and its hybridization with batteries for renewable energy integration, economic study of SMES system in comparison with other types of energy storage systems;
    2. study of superconducting cables for UK’s power systems and also for offshore HVDC links, cost benefit analysis of superconducting cables for application at different locations and voltage levels;
    3. study of combining SMES with superconducting fault current limiters for renewable energy integration and also electric transportation.
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  • Fusion

    We are supporting the fusion sector by providing leading expertise in advanced HTS modelling, cryogenic magnet power supplies and fusion power plant designs.
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