Applied Superconductivity

Dr Abdelrahman El-Wakeel

Postdoctoral Researcher


Abdelrahman El-Wakeel Research Assistant/PhD Student at the University of Strathclyde . After completing my master’s degree and working in industry, I joined the Applied Superconductivity Laboratory lead by Prof. Yuan and Dr. Zhang. My background experience is mainly power electronics.

My current PhD is mainly focused on building switched mode power supplies for superconducting applications. The main drive for cryogenic power electronics is to reduce the system complexity and increase the power density. I am doing my research by mainly researching the performance of semiconductor devices at cryogenic temperature.

This includes doing market research, building up test rigs, testing different semiconductor devices and processing and analysing the test results. I am also focused on building converter and inverters that can be used to charge superconducting magnets and/or drive superconducting machines.


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