Applied Superconductivity
  • February 11, 2022

    Friday the 12th of February the Applied Superconductivity Group presented one-day, in-person course designed to provide delegates with an introduction to the application of hydrogen as a fuel or as a coolant, as well as superconductors for future aircraft.

    The course was presented by Prof. Weijia Yuan, Dr. Min Zhang, and Abdelrahman Elwakeel, mainly presented the fundamental theory and operational principles of using hydrogen and superconductors, and the challenges associated with incorporating hydrogen and superconductors into future aircraft together with their performance in comparison to battery and jet fuel.

    Furthermore, the course also has discussed different scenarios for hydrogen use in future aircraft including fuel cell and combustion engine scenarios. Where a brief overview on the benefits of using superconducting motors, fault current limiters, and cable in future electric aircraft.

    The attendees were truly inspiring as they engaged on discussion with their knowledge of their relative work experience in aviation and in the industry producing a very fruitful and fascinating talks.

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